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Getting the opinion of others also broadens our horizons, and on this page you'll find Guest posts of all kinds - Enjoy!

My first Guest is Wanda DeHaven Pyle:  author, blogger and book reviewer.  She has written two highly-rated books, and you can find out more about Wanda on and Goodreads.

Here is one of her recent book reviews:

The Turquoise Shroud - on

This may be the break-out series for this prolific writer. It is reminiscent of the old detective shows of the 1980's with the disillusioned hero and the grizzled, but wise sidekick. It's a tried and true genre, but with a tip of the hat to romanticism. The story skirts the edges of the Mexico to Miami drug world, hinting at underworld connections and corruption. The focus, instead, is on the character's need to redeem himself for crossing a moral line that continues to haunt him. Seth Halliday is a sympathetic, but likable character with just the right amount of flaw. The descriptions are masterfully crafted to place the reader in the heart of the action.

Similar in style and scope to John D. MacDonald's early work, this book is a must read for avid crime and mystery readers as well as romantics. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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