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My books are a blend of Alternate History and Magical Realism, based on some historical facts and a lot of esoteric and New Age theory - combined with my own imagination.
For example, the Alternate History in my books assumes that the legend of Atlantis was real, and that it was a highly advanced civilization with technology superior to ours at this time.  It was also said to be an idyllic, utopian society.
While researching the myths and legends surrounding Atlantis, my search continually let me into the esoteric realm:  New Age, Occult and the Wisdom of the Ancients.  Everything started to come together in one big picture:  from Ley Lines, Pyramids in Egypt, Central and South America, megalithic statues on Easter Island, and even stories about turning base metals into gold. 

One of the more spiritual and metaphysical aspects of my Altantis research hinted at the ability of some people to change matter with the power of their minds.  Less than a hundred years ago, serious authors wrote about witnessing such “mind over matter” demonstrations in India and Tibet.

What fascinating subjects to combine into a series! 

Whatever your favourite genre, RHUNA has it:  Paranormal, Supernatural.  Fantasy, Science Fiction.  Romance and Adventure.  Mystery and Thriller!

My goal is to create my own unique writing voice, hoping it will strike a chord with many readers.

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Click here to download your sample chapter from Rhuna, The Star Child

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