Saturday, 30 September 2017

Investigating the Paranormal with Higher Consciousness

Planes and flight have interested me since childhood, and that's how it came about that I was watching a documentary about the crash of a jumbo jet in the Everglades.  Near the end of the program it said that some paranormal phenomena took place, and that certainly got my attention right away!   Then, when I did a google search for it , I realized that it was one of the best-documented paranormal events, with several books and even TV movies about the subject.  How come I hadn't heard of it before?  It was time to catch up - quickly!

It all happened a long time ago now, at the end of 1972 when one of the first jumbo jets crashed into the Everglades one night, killing over a hundred people, including the pilots. But two of the crew apparently didn't pass over as easily, because they were seen many times on other planes of the same airline!  Eastern Air Lines used undamaged parts of the crashed plane in some of its other planes (common practice), and it was on those planes with cannibalized parts that the appearances occurred.

These are the pilots that were repeatedly seen:  Second Officer Don Repo (most frequently around the food-heating ovens in the lower deck galley); and Captain Bob Loft, who appeared as a life-like flesh-and-blood person sitting in First Class a few times.   

And the whole story sounds more credible because passengers and crew who saw the apparitions were well-balanced professionals with a sound mind, and who actually refused to talk about what they experienced, lest they were sent to a psychiatrist and/or lost their jobs.

Even though Eastern Air Lines officially dismissed the notion of any paranormal activity on their planes, they did authorize the cannibalized parts to be removed after over a year of sightings, and apparently this action stopped the ghostly appearances.

Sounds very intriguing in itself, but the book documenting these sightings and paranormal experiences, namely  The Ghost of Flight 401 by John G. Fuller, intrigued me for other reasons as well.

At some point during his endeavour to find out about the paranormal sightings, the author meets some people with psychic abilities who offer to help him with his research, and when I read chapter 10, I was just blown away because it read exactly like the passages in my Rhuna series!  Here is a short excerpt from The Ghost of Flight 401:

“They would begin the session sitting in the comfortable living room… they began meditating.  Then Richard directed them in deep, slow breathing that would intensify their meditation and slowly move them toward an altered state of higher consciousness.” 

If you've been reading RHUNA, you'll recognize the above passage as the same thing Rhuna often does when she meditates to receive visions or do Astral Projection, namely attain a higher level of consciousness - almost like a trance.   Even though I made up these things in my books, I based them on what little I knew about meditation and ESP.  So I was amazed and thrilled to learn that people are doing exactly what Rhuna does, and also having results, it seems!

You can read my review for the book, The Ghost of Flight 401 at amazon and Goodreads

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