"1910: Love Reaches Through Time" by Georgina Rowe

This debut novel for Australian author, Georgina Rowe, blends romance, mystery and fantasy in a refreshingly smooth and vibrant style.  Set in the author's hometown of Sydney, Australia, this time-travel story sheds light on local history while telling a soul-stirring story about love that transcends the boundary of time.

Rowena has found her soulmate...but he lives in another time.

What a great idea, I thought, when I began reading this novel by a fellow-Australian author from my hometown of Sydney.   Even though the love story emerges slowly at first, the opening chapter about a researcher having a paranormal experience when reading an old newspaper already had me hooked! 

You don't have to know Sydney or even be interested in history to enjoy this story because it feels as if Rowena herself is sitting in your living room telling you about her scary psychic experience of being transported back to the year 1910.

At first you start to wonder whether it's her love of history and pre-occupation with everything old that is making her travel back to 1910, but as Rowena starts to get a handle on her new ability, things take a turn in another direction. 

There are other great aspects to this story besides the contrast between our present time and the past, namely Rowena's friendship with Cathy, her life as a single woman who loves her work, and a nice acquaintance with an elderly neighbour who gives her the emotional support she needs at the right time.

True love finally arrives for Rowena when she least expects or wants it, especially under these extraordinary circumstances.  Lionel lives in the year 1910 which Rowena can only visit briefly in a psychic, paranormal capacity.  How could a relationship between them even come into being, much less work out?!

As you might expect from a special love story set partly in the year 1910, there is a lovely old-fashioned feeling to some aspects of this novel, which also means there is no sex or crude language.  Love letters alternate with exciting developments in the past where a crime has been committed, and Rowena finds herself right in the middle of it!   A crime mystery, adventure, time travel fantasy and a love story all in one - how can you resist?!

Rowena has found her soulmate...but he lives in another time.

Rowena Cutler loves her job as a researcher, delving into the history of her beloved city of Sydney.  After one marriage and several failed relationships, she has given up on men and romance, and believes she is happily in control of her life…until a paranormal experience turns her life upside down. 

While reading an old newspaper article from 1910, Rowena is flung from the present into the distant past where she experiences the very event she was reading about. She latches onto an object from the past just as she is pulled back to her own time period, and is startled to discover the object has made the trip across time with her!  

Shaken but determined, Rowena begins using her newfound gift to solve some century-old mysteries of Sydney. Her extraordinary paranormal adventures have barely begun, however, when she falls desperately in love with a man named Lionel who lived in 1910. Even though he is not fully aware of her presence because he cannot see her, Rowena knows she has finally found the man of her dreams. But if Rowena and Lionel are ever to be together, she realizes she must explore the full extent of her psychic powers, no matter how dangerous the consequences.

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Also available in paperback.

About the Author

Georgina Rowe is a proud native of Sydney, Australia, whose interest in local history inspired her debut novel.  She enjoys bushwalking, photography and reading a wide variety of books.   

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