Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ancient Anti-Gravity?!

Ancient Anti-Gravity?!

Look at this massive stone block with smooth sides and exact angles and measurements!  This is just one of thousands of "megaliths" around the world which defy modern-day explanations.  How were they made, and how on earth were they moved?!

This is one of the subjects that has fascinated me for most of my life, and for the past 20 years I have been reading anything on the subject, slowly gaining more knowledge and forming my own opinions.

If the Ancients had the technology to cut or form massive blocks (out of granite or other stone) to exact measurements and angles, then they would also have had the advanced technology to move and lift them.

So did they perhaps have knowledge of a branch of science or physics that has been lost in the passing of time?  A technology to defy gravity, if only temporarily?  

I have used these ideas in my Historical Fantasy book series, and you can read what professionals think about it in articles such as this:

What do you think?

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