Sunday, 13 March 2016

Astral Projection and OBE in Fantasy novels?

Have you come across Astral Projection or OBE (Out of Body Experience) in any Fantasy novels? 

I haven't.

In fact, I didn't even believe in such things until some years ago, when I began reading all kinds of New Age books to get ideas for my Fantasy series.

Then I remembered some people I knew who insisted they had an OBE under extreme circumstances (nearly drowned, in severe pain) and slowly the subject began to intrigue me more and more.

In the latest and 3rd book in my series - Rhuna, The Star Child - I decided to introduce Astral Projection, calling it by a different name, but describing it in the way some people do, who have experienced it.

n my story, the main character learns about Astral Projection from her long-lost father, who had been in exile in Tibet, where he learned Astral Projection along with other spiritual pursuits (like yoga and meditation).

It's a fascinating concept, if all humans can astral project, and if this is the case, why can only certain people master it?  The mind boggles!  But that is what Fantasy should be, in my opinion:  something that makes your mind boggle and churn with concepts that might be possible!

Let me know if you have any OBE or Astral Projection thoughts or experiences!


  1. I used to do astral travelling in my early teens...not since then. maybe many more people do it, but don't recognise it.

  2. I took an OOB class years ago in NYC from Rick Stack and actually pulled it off from the dream state several times. I incorporate projection as part of the skills of many of my characters in my T'nari science fantasy series. I will be reading Rhuna, The Star Child and am very interested to see how you bring this ability to life in your work.

  3. That's funny you mention astral projection and obe. My WIP introduces this as a main theme/element! The story poured out of me. Anyway, I will be publishing hopefully soon. I am at the rewrite stage. I look forward to reading your new book!
    Thank you,

    1. Hey, that's great, Jackie! Thanks for commenting and sharing about your writing. Please post the details of your book here for us when it's published!

  4. Thanks Barbara. I will :-). Congrats on your successes. You are doing a fantastic job! Wish me luck.